New (Used) Finds

I hit an annual used book sale last month and ended up with some great finds. Unfortunately, I don’t have any great pictures as I’ve already shelved all of the books, but I’ve included a list below.  I’m starting to add to my Classics collection – and really want to focus on the Classics in the coming months.  I scored some great poetry books as well.

  • Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck (I’ve read, but would like to read again at some point)
  • Mrs. Dalloway, Woolf
  • East of Eden, Steinbeck
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Twain (I’ve already read this one, but found an older Signet Classics edition)
  • Pickwick Papers, Dickens
  • The Good Earth, Buck,
  • The House of Mirth, Wharton (I’ve read one as well)
  • Flight Behavior, Kingsolver
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, Shaffer and Barrows
  • Natural History Essays, Thoreau
  • How to Be a (Bad) Birdwatcher, Barnes
  • The China Study, Campbell
  • New and Selected Poems, Oliver
  • Blue Iris, Oliver
  • Honey and Salt, Sandburg

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

Hello! I’ve been attempting to declutter some things at home, including my bookshelves (insert dramatic gasp!).  While I love my book collection, I really started to take a hard look at some of the books I picked up on a whim or at a used book sale, thinking “some day I’ll read this…”  I’m not sure when that will happen with some of my books.  I’ve also found that while I have a core set of books, writing styles, authors or genres that I tend to gravitate towards, there are definitely some books on my shelves where I was really into a specific topic, time period, etc., and have since moved on from that focus. I’ve cleared out a few bags of books to provide a little more breathing room on my shelves… and to make room for new acquisitions, of course!  🙂

A few of the mental debates I had while sorting through all of my books included just how many copies of some books do I really need?  For example, I have multiple copies of a few Jane Austen books – leatherbound version, Penguin clothbound classics (love this series!), annotated versions, etc. I also took a hard look at my fiction books and really started thinking about how many books I would actually plan to read again – especially with the growing list of books I still want to read!  Finally, I had a number of history and reference books about similar time periods. While I’ve read some of them, I again had to ask myself whether I really intend to read all of them.  Of all of my books, my poetry collection is the one area where I could really justify keeping everything, as I often pull the books off the shelves when looking for inspiration or looking up a poem.

I would love to hear how fellow readers manage their growing book collections…

The Thrill of the Hunt

To support my love of books, I purchase books through a variety of sources, with quite a few books purchased from used bookstores and book sales.  I like the feeling of giving a book a new home and I also enjoy the challenge of hunting down some titles that might be more difficult to find used.  I love it when I can find an unexpected hidden treasure at a great price, such as an autographed copy, a unique edition or cover of a book, or find something that is no longer in print.  I will say that it does require some patience… In full disclosure, I am fairly picky about my books (i.e. I don’t like creases in the spine, bent or torn pages or covers, etc), which makes hunting for used books even more interesting!  I am always amazed when I can walk away with a hard cover book in great condition for a good price… A great way to support my reading habit and I also feel like I’m getting some “recycled” books.