Beautiful Books – Penguin English Library

I have a confession: my obsession of beautiful book covers has grown – in part because I’ve discovered some new (or new to me!) editions from Penguin.  I’ve loved the Penguin clothbound classics and have recently started adding some Penguin English Library editions to my collection.  I really like the editions that have more of the “rubbery” finish cover compared to the paper, but all of the editions are beautiful.  However, the editions with the nicer finish also have pictures of the author on the inside cover (bonus!).  I have a number of books that I would like to add to my collection (Far from a Madding Crowd with the bees on the cover, Middlemarch, Oliver Twist and more), but have a good start.  I didn’t include a picture, but the books also look great together with the colored spines between the classic Penguin orange stripes.



Do you have any favorite book covers or editions?  I’m always on the hunt for new editions.  😀


You Know You’re a Book Lover When…

You know you’re a book lover when…

  • You can easily justify having multiple editions of the same book
  • You find it relaxing to be surrounded by books
  • You patiently wait and hunt for a certain edition or book cover – and get a huge rush when you finally find the book!
  • You prefer the original book cover to the movie version of the cover
  • Your “plan to read” list is so long, you know you’ll never complete it!
  • You rotate your piles and stacks of books like some people rotate seasonal decor
  • You would rather spend your paycheck on books instead of clothes or other items
  • You can recite your library card number as quickly as your phone number
  • You would consider a bookstore or library as a second home
  • You know there is no such thing as too many books  😀


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Don’t judge a book by its cover… or should you?

What is it about a book cover that captures your interest and attention?  Perhaps it is the illustrations, the font, the color scheme or the material.  With the number of books available, I’ve found myself silently walking the aisles of a bookstore, scanning the bookshelves until something catches my eye.  It could be an interesting cover or a beautiful book spine — I love the leatherbound editions of books and also love the Everyman’s Library collection.

I think back to my college days when my roommate and I were browsing Barnes & Noble and she picked up a book with a beautiful “artsy” cover (we both loved our Art History class).  A few years later, she read the book and loved it. The book was A.S. Byatt’s Possession.  It made me wonder if that book would have caught her attention with a different cover, and whether she would have discovered this book that she loved.

One of my new loves are the clothbound Penguin classics series.  Beautiful covers, so of course I can justify picking up yet another copy of Austen and Dickens.  While we are on the topic of book covers, I’m also very particular about books with movie tie-ins or covers. I just can’t imagine wanting an actor or actress on the cover of a book when the individual may or may not be what I pictured while reading the book.  And a movie is never as good as the book, but that’s a topic for another day…

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