Welcome, autumn

As we usher in the season of autumn, I get excited as tend to think of it as a time to do a bit of a refresh. Think back to school time, a changing season, and an opportunity to refocus before heading into the holidays.  I love the change in weather – goodbye humidity, hello crisp air!  🙂  While I know plenty of people are sad to see summer ending, there is just something about fall that is so much more appealing to me than summer.  Keeping warm and cozy with layers and blankets, hot tea, candles burning and a good book. I also love the cooler weather to make more soups and warming foods.

I would like to take full advantage of the fall season. I’ve included a few 2016 fall bucket list items below.

  • Go on a hike to see the fall colors
  • Enjoy some fresh, local apples – preferably from a local orchard (and a cider doughnut is a must!)
  • Drink a hot mug of cider
  • Make a list of favorite fall poetry
  • Try new recipes using fall produce like butternut squash and apples

Do you have any fun activities planned for fall?


Welcome, Weekend…

So glad it is almost the weekend.  It’s been a long week with a few coffees (pictured below) to get me through the week.  Hats off to all of the baristas out there. The fancy latte made my morning.  🙂  I also received some news books in the mail — always a good way to end the week.

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National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month.  I am trying to get back into yoga and I have noticed that I feel better when I make a point of including some regular yoga practice in my life.  As a nod to National Yoga Month, starting this week, I will try to include yoga practice at least 3 times a week.  And I want to be realistic about this – some days it might only be a 10 or 20 minute practice, depending upon my schedule.  As part of my effort to “refocus for fall”, I think incorporating regular yoga practice and remembering to breath can go a long way in terms of better balancing everything in life.


One Year

I logged in this morning and I realized I’ve hit the one year mark since I first started this little “project” of attempting to create a site and blog.  A big thank you to everyone who has visited, commented, liked a post or followed me – I appreciate it!  I’m still a newbie blogger and have certainly had a few hiccups, like attempting to “clean up” and organize my comments only to find out that I had deleted a lot of my history and comments, which I was really bummed about… Oops.  And I’ve certainly had some weeks where I’ve been radio silent and not posted anything…

Here’s to (hopefully) another year of books, reading, writing, food, cooking and other adventures.

Cheers!  🙂


A Perfect Saturday Morning

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  My weekend included what I am calling “the perfect Saturday morning”  (see picture below – that should say enough).  😀  It was a nice, low-key morning of lounging around in my PJs and curling up with some coffee, a good book and a blanket. I sat in my reading chair with sun shining in while I read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.  While it started off a little slow for me, I couldn’t put it down as I got towards the end of the book. Perfect way to start my reading goal for 2013!


Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a happy holiday!  I am in the midst of a “year in review” post to highlight a few of my favorites from this year, and also looking ahead to the stacks of books that I hope to tackle in 2013.  I seem to have fallen off of the reading wagon for the last few weeks with all of the holiday preparations and planning, but hope to take advantage of a few days off over the holidays to cozy up with a good book and a cup of tea.  Cheers!




Summer is Here…

The sights at a recent trip to a farmer’s market serve as a nice reminder that it is summer!  I love walking around and seeing all of the brightly colored produce, flowers and local vendors. I look forward to taking advantage of some fresh, local produce over the next few months and hope to try some new foods and flavors.

Right or Left?

While vacationing in the Grand Cayman Islands, my husband tosses me the car keys. He insists that I experience driving on what would be the “wrong” side of the road compared to the roads in the U.S.  I buckle up and start the ignition.  While it feels a bit awkward sitting it in what would be our passenger seat, I start inching the car forward.  We are heading towards a stoplight.  I grip the steering wheel a little tighter, hoping that the light stays green so I can continue to follow the car in front of me.  No such luck.  The light changes and I am now the first car at the stoplight.  While I wait for the light to change, I look at the lanes in the intersection in front of me that veer off in two directions. Right or left?  Panic sets in as I quickly realize that I have no idea which lane I need to be in.  The light changes.  I hesitantly creep out into the intersection.  Another car passes me.  Bingo!  I quickly follow the car, proceed to pull over in a parking lot, and hand the keys back to my husband. That was enough adventure for one day.

Dolphin Swim

I am gripping the side of the boat as it bounces against the waves, my eye squinting as the morning sunlight reflects against the water.  It is 8:00 in the morning and we are on our way to swim with wild dolphins while on vacation in Hawaii.  This has been something on my “life list” and I am breathless with anticipation. The boat stops.  I quickly throw my body over the side of the boat, hitting the cold water while I try to mask the splashing sound. I don’t feel the cold; I only feel the adrenaline coursing through my body.  I plunge my head under the water, listening to my heavy breathing through the snorkeling tube.  I gasp at the realization that I am now surrounded by a pod of wild spinner dolphins – close to 30 of them.  As instructed, I start swimming to keep up with the dolphins while at the same time respecting their space.  I don’t think I am even aware of how quickly I am trying to move my legs as I propel myself through the ocean. I pause to look above, to the side, and below, at the beautiful creatures effortlessly gliding past me.  I realize just how small I am compared to the dolphins that surround me, but find the experience both exhilarating and peaceful.