A Year in Review – 2016

Before I dive into thinking about books I would like to read in 2017, I thought I would provide some thoughts and highlights from 2016.  Overall, not a bad year for reading, although I made up for lost time in the last quarter of the year!  I usually have a goal of 50 books and I completed 47 books this year. I had a mix of some non-fiction lifestyle and health-related books, poetry and fiction. I’m a little embarrassed to say that that I didn’t read many classics – just The Secret Garden.  For fiction books, I read five of the six books in the Wilderness series by Sara Donati. I also enjoyed reading a number of books about authors, including Fallen Beauty, Call Me Zelda, Hemingway’s Girl and The House of Hawthorne.  I also enjoyed reading more about Hemingway and his first wife in The Paris Wife.

Favorites for 2016 included:

Stayed tuned for some thoughts on goals for 2017.  Happy reading!


4 thoughts on “A Year in Review – 2016

    • Thanks for the note! I have that one on my list and need to make it a priority for 2017! After reading two books about Hemingway last year, I want to read some of his books. I’ve been thinking A Moveable Feast and The Old Man and the Sea as a start.

      • I think we talked about this last year too 😜 I also read 2 Hemingways last year, A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises. I have mixed feelings about both books haha.

        A Moveable Feast and Old Man and the Sea are good choices…I hope you enjoy both.

      • I think you are right! 🙂 I guess I have a start to my reading list for 2017! Thanks again for the recommendations. I need to add some classics for 2017 as well.

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