Completed Books – December, 2016

2016 is a wrap!  I made some progress towards the end of the year with reading and overall, had a good mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  After reviewing my list, I was surprised to see that I ended up reading five of the six Sara Donati books from the Wilderness series.  I’ll plan to read the final book, The Endless Forest, in 2017.  I will have to reflect on some of my favorites from 2016.  Did you have any reading highlights or favorites in 2016?

  1. The Good Karma Diet
  2. Big Magic
  3. The Happy Vegan
  4. Questions about Angels: Poems
  5. Success Through Stillness
  6. Into the Wilderness
  7. The Most Beautiful Walk in the World
  8. Bird by Bird
  9. Dawn on a Distant Shore
  10. Happy Cooking
  11. Timeless Beauty
  12. Kale and Coffee
  13. The Oz Family Kitchen
  14. Pablo Neruda: Book of Questions
  15. Fallen Beauty
  16. The Uninvited Guests
  17. SuperFoods Health Style
  18. It’s All Easy
  19. Call Me Zelda
  20. Living the Farm Sanctuary Life
  21. The Silver Witch
  22. Pretty Happy
  23. Hemingway’s Girl
  24. The House of Hawthorne
  25. Lake in the Clouds
  26. The Kind Diet
  27. Delights and Shadows
  28. The Paris Wife
  29. The Blue Zones Solution
  30. The Museum of Extraordinary Things
  31. Wellth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume
  32. The Swerve
  33. The Joy of Less
  34. Good Poems
  35. The Perfume Collector
  36. Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair
  37. The Rain in Portugal
  38. Casanova in Bolzano
  39. The Secret Garden
  40. Fire Along the Sky
  41. A Paris Apartment
  42. First Impressions
  43. Queen of Swords
  44. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Illustrated Edition
  45. Deliciously Ella Every Day
  46. 101 Things You Didn’t Know About Jane Austen
  47. 100 Days of Real Food

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