So Long, Farewell…

Now that I have one of the songs from The Sound of Music in my head, I’ll get to my post.  After meeting my best friend for coffee and great conversation, I came home and reflected on some of the topics we discussed.  Simplifying our lives, using what you own, focusing on balance, mindfulness and health, finding the time to enrich yourself and do what you love, the list goes on…  I realized a couple of things.  I need to refocus on the illusive “balance” that I continue to seek – balance with my work, personal time/interests, health and well-being.  I also need to really assess all of the “things” I have at home.  I still have clothes hanging in my closet (with tags on) that I will likely never wear, items shoved in the corners of my closet, and (now take a deep breath), some of my books.  Don’t get me wrong — I LOVE my books, but I have also realized that at the rate I purchase books compared to what I read, which is a mixture of books I own and books from the library, I will likely never finish reading everything I own!  I really took some time going through my bookshelves and giving them some tough love.  I’ve justified having 4 copies of some of my Jane Austen books, but do I really need 4 copies?  I started pulling some duplicate copies off of my shelves, along with some books that I’ve read and will likely not read or  look at again, along with some books that I picked up that I honestly don’t think I will ever read (some dense non-fiction/reference books). I even went through my cookbook collection.  I’ve picked up different books with some good intentions or to try to expand my interests, but I’ve really pared it down to books/authors I really love and/or what I really want to read.

One of my many goals is to be selective about future book purchases and only purchase books that I think I will truly love and want to add to my collection.  While it was sad to see some of my books go, I have to say I felt a little lighter, in part from the weight of thinking about all of the unread books on my shelves!  I tend to do a review of my shelves and purge some books every year or so, but this weekend I rounded up five bags of books. Now I hope to tackle my closets and recommit to some goals – reading, balance and healthy living.


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