Welcome, 2015

Welcome, 2015.  Now that the holidays are over, I like to take a little time to think about the new year.  While I have been unsuccessful in the past at keeping some resolutions, I am going to attempt making some this year, but make them more “bite-size” goals (i.e. monthly, quarterly) with a few overall goals for the year.  I’m also planning to “officially” kick off my goals on Monday, January 5, because let’s be real… with New Year’s Eve falling on a Thursday this year, some of the fun and festivities carried over into Friday and the weekend.  Along with finishing up any leftover holiday treats, I plan to make a big grocery shopping trip today to restock my fridge and pantry.

A few goals throughout the 2015 year:
Be “present”.  Focus and enjoy the “now” rather than always worrying about the future (this will be a tough one for me, as I am always planning and thinking about what’s next!)
Take more breaks from technology (i.e. checking my phone and text messages all the time)
Be a better listener.  My mind tends to jump ahead in a conversation and think about responses, etc.  Hopefully by my first goal of being more present, this will be part of the result.

Goals for 1st quarter of 2015:
Eat in more (I need a break from all of the holiday parties and dinners out)
Eat more whole foods and less processed/packaged foodsBetter meal planning and preparation.  I was on a roll for a little while and fell of the wagon.

Goals for the month of January:
Yoga practice twice a week.  I started getting back into yoga over the holidays and it felt great.  I have to remember that even a 15 or 20 minute yoga practice counts.
Meditation. I wish I could say I would do this daily, but in the spirit of trying to keep things real, I will attempt a goal of a short meditation (even 5 minutes) three times a week.

What are some of your goals or resolutions you would like to tackle in 2015?


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