Cookbook Collector

Greetings!  Apologies for the disappearing act recently – it’s been busy.  As we welcome spring, I’ve also been busy doing a bit of spring cleaning – going through closets, drawers, and even my bookshelves.  Every so often, I take a hard look at my shelves to assess what I have, what I really want to keep, and what can go — to make room for new books, of course!

One area that I focused on this month is my cookbooks.  I love cookbooks. I love to look at them, page through them, and buy them.  But as I looked at my shelves, I realized that I have a number of cookbooks that I rarely use.  I have good intentions of trying a bunch of new recipes (all identified with tape flags!), but when it comes down to it, things get busy and I just keep my easy “go-to” recipes in rotation.  In reviewing some of my cookbooks, I also realized there a number of books where I only refer to a few recipes (often bypassing many of the meat entrees).  This is reminiscent of buying a CD back in the day for one or two songs that I really liked.  So, I’m doing an inventory of my cookbooks and paring them down, and also going to motivate myself to get back in the kitchen and start cooking more often!

Do you have any favorite cookbooks or a similar love of cookbooks?


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