Eating Clean in 2014

Happy New Year!  Hard to believe we are almost two weeks into the new year.  Ringing in the new year also means thinking about goals and resolutions, although I try to stay away from that word.  I think my motto for this year will be “Eating Clean in 2014”.  I waited a couple of weeks before writing this post as the first week of the new year was spent cleaning out cupboards, closets, and trying to clear out the remains from the holiday – cookies, sweets, candy, chocolates, etc.

I have also spent the first two weeks of 2014 using some new kitchen gadgets and appliances – a Keurig, a juicer, and a Nutribullet.  In full disclosure, I was skeptical about juicing. I’ve always been a smoothie fan and wasn’t sure if I would like juicing.  I was also aware of all of the feedback I had heard as it relates to cost, clean-up, etc.  the verdict?  I love juicing!  I’ve now juiced 12 times since Christmas.  I still make smoothies, as I like getting the fiber from the produce, but I love starting my day with a fresh juice.  I’ve experimented with a few combos, but my current favorite includes celery, romaine, spinach and kale, a carrot, an apple, 1/2 a cucumber, lemon and ginger.

Green juiceI’m also making use of our new Keurig and love that I can rotate between caffeinated and decaf coffee.  Maybe it is all in my head, but I have been feeling more energized with the fresh juices so I don’t feel like I need my daily dose of caffeine, or I drink less (in the form of tea).

I am going to try to post updates of my efforts in Eating Clean in 2014 on a regular basis.  I do want to keep a balanced approach and still be able to enjoy some of my favorite foods, which might not be so “clean”, but I think that being realistic is key.   😀

What tips do you have for eating clean? 


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