Ushering in Autumn

I love the autumn season – the cooler, crisp air, the fall produce (honeycrisp apples, squash), lots of sweaters and layers, and curling up with tea and a good book.  I also think of this season as the “back to school” season and while I am no longer in school, I still use this as an opportunity to get organized and refocus for the remainder of the year.  I plan to focus on eating more whole foods and try to wean myself off of some of the “convenience” packaged and processed foods and also try to cook at home more often – hopefully this will be a little easier as we get into the cooler months where I like to make lots of soup and chili.  I also need to get better about bringing my lunch to work a few times a week – save some money and also be more in control of the foods/ingredients that I eat.  I also want to continue to focus in practicing yoga, along with incorporating other forms of exercise.  Here’s to a kicking off a happy and healthy autumn and rest of the year!



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