Completed Books – June, 2013

I mixed things up a bit this month with some more non-fiction books and I’m diving back into some fiction this month.  I have read 30 books, which is 60% towards my goal of 50 books this year.   Happy reading!

1: The Secret Keeper
2: The Good Thief
3: Reached
4: Mariana
5: Sunshine
6: The Tales of Beedle the Bard
7: Dragon’s Lair
8: Storybound
9: Letters to Juliet: Celebrating Shakespeare’s Greatest Heroine, the Magical City of Verona, and the Power of Love
10: A Walk in the Woods
11: The Shoemaker’s Wife
12: The Alchemist
13: The Snow Child
14: The Language of Flowers
15: Voyager
16: Waterfall
17: The Violets of March
18: Becoming Marie Antoinette
19: Good Enough to Eat
20: The School of Essential Ingredients
21: Requiem
22: Cascade
23: Torrent
24: The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You
25: The Lost Art of Mixing
26: Blackberry Winter
27: Story’s End
28: If the Buddha Came to Dinner
29: Quiet
30: enLIGHTened: How I Lost 40 Pounds with a Yoga Mat, Fresh Pineapples, and a Beagle Pointer

Do you have any book recommendations that I should add to my reading list?


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