Too many books?

Ok, I thought that would be a catchy title…  I would argue there can never be too many books, although lately, I am feeling like I am being bombarded with books between all of the notifications I am receiving from the library and with my own reading lists.  I’ve been reading at a pretty good clip over the last few months, but it seems like when it rains, it pours… I have patiently been on a waitlist for quite a few titles and they all seem to be available at once.  I’ve been making more of an effort to read only one or two books at a time, in part because I find that I can’t really focus and immerse myself in a book if I am trying to recall different plots and characters (and dare I say that I notice I have a harder time reading multiple books as I get older?)  Or perhaps it is because I have a more difficult time keeping track of multiple plots and stories after a long day of work…

I wanted to focus on really making a good dent in some of the books that are sitting on my shelves (so I don’t feel so guilty when I continue to buy more books), but I seem to be have an ever-increasing pile (or piles) of books, along with new books I want to read.  Sigh.  I guess there are worse problems to have.  🙂  We’ll see how good I do with tackling some of the books I had selected as part of my 2013 reading list

Happy reading!


One thought on “Too many books?

  1. I know how you feel. At my last count I owned over 50 books that hadn’t read yet and even more that I had. I’ve read some of them now though which makes me feel guilty when I buy more. I also use my local library (which I feel guilty about for not reading my own books) and all the titles on my reserve list turned barr two turned up in one go. I don’t think I will get round to reading the all in time and I have no doubt I’ll have to order some of them again.

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