A is for Asparagus

One of my favorite things about spring is the introduction of fresh vegetables and produce that are in season.  Asparagus is one of my favorites – grilled with a little olive oil, salt and pepper = perfection.  As part of making a fresh start in April, I want to focus on eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season right now, and also try to experiment with some new vegetables at home.  For example, I love artichoke hearts and often eat them at restaurants in salads or other dishes, but I’ve been too intimidated to try to make artichokes at home.  (Anyone have any recommendations for how to cook/prepare at home?)  I am also looking forward to the farmers market next month and taking advantage of some local fruits and vegetables as well – some of my favorites include kale, baby bok choy, and baby red potatoes.

What fruits or vegetables are your favorite in the Spring? 


2 thoughts on “A is for Asparagus

    • Thanks for stopping by! I will have to check out some recipes and also look at different preparation methods when working with a whole artichoke. I would definitely like to try grilling an artichoke.

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