April – A Fresh Start

So I realized I that I owed a follow-up to my posts about “spring cleaning from the inside out“, which I have been radio silent on…  Why, you ask?  Because after week 1, it ended up being an epic fail.  Excuses?  Let’s see….super busy at work, not enough time for meal prep and planning, work-related travel and events (I am sure I could come up with a long list, but I’ll stop for now).  This was the classic case of some good intentions with poor execution and follow-through.  I have now been battling a nasty cold/virus over the last week and it has become that much clearer how much I can take good health for granted.

That being said, I am going to reflect over the next week on some real, tangible things I can do (I may need to start with more baby-steps this time) to take more control of my health and ensure that I am eating enough fresh fruits and veggies, getting the right vitamins and nutrients, getting enough sleep and exercise and finding something that will be manageable in the “real world” of crazy/long work days, coming home tired and not wanting to cook, the “ease” of eating out, and making the most of my time on the weekends (errands, cleaning, food prep, exercise, relaxing).

Now that the snow has melted and I am actually seeing grass again and hear the birds singing, I’m viewing this as a perfect month for a fresh start to kick off the spring and summer months.

P1010776What suggestions or tips do you have for a healthy lifestyle?


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