Spring Cleaning Check-In (week 1)

I’m doing a quick check-in on my “spring cleaning from the inside out” week 1 goal of reducing dairy.  So far, so good… although I did have one minor slip-up where used a sprinkle of cheese on my pasta, but otherwise, I’ve stayed away from dairy this week.  I’m planning to swap my weekly latte with a soy latte, and I have been more mindful of incorporating non-dairy options into my meals this week.

I do find that I miss cheese.  When I had some reactions to dairy a few years back, I had tried out some of the non-dairy cheese options.  Unfortunately, I still have bad memories of attempting to melt a piece of rice cheese on my veggie burger.  10 minutes on the grill and the “cheese” was still in its original shape and form — a perfect square, with no signs of melting!  After that experience, I decided to stay away from “cheese” alternatives.  I know a few people who have had better luck with some soy cheeses, so perhaps I will need to explore some new options…

If you have any non-dairy recommendations or alternatives, please let me know!


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