Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out

Hard to believe that it is already March.  The weather is starting to provide hints that spring is just around the corner.  With that in mind, it is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning on my eating habits.  I have been trapped in the vicious cycle of being really busy and eating out.  Factor in some business travel with lots of dining out, and the result is feeling pretty sluggish with little energy (yet another excuse not to cook!).

I am going to focus the month of March on cleaning up my eating habits and giving my body a break on some of the foods that have made frequent appearances over the last few months (hello, pizza!).  I am going to attempt to set a few goals over the month starting March 4, broken down by week.  I am hoping this will help “restart” my system and get me back into better eating habits.

Here are some of my high-level goals for each week…

  • 1st week:  Reduce dairy.  I’ve had some problems/reactions to dairy in the past.  I think my body is telling me that I could use another break and/or reduction in dairy.  Unfortunately, I love cheese…  If I do eat some dairy, I would like to keep it to the healthier stuff like yogurt with berries.
  • 2nd week: Avoid fried foods. Why is it that a sandwich looks so much better next to a side of fries?  Let’s be honest — fried foods can be very tasty, but too much of a good thing is never good.  I tend to fall into the fried food trap with appetizers and sides and I need to step away!
  • 3rd week:  More meatless meals (plant-based) meals.  As part of my “spring cleaning” effort, I want to give my system a bit of a break from animal proteins such as red meat — better for me, better for the environment.
  • 4th week:  More whole grains.  I think I do a decent job of eating whole grains when they are available, but I want to be more mindful of eating whole grains on a regular basis (i.e. eating brown rice vs white rice).

I’m looking forward to kicking off this month with a fresh start.  Cheers!

Do you have any tips for cleaning up your eating habits?  If so, I would love to hear from you!


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