Completed Books – January, 2013

I am kicking off my monthly posts where I list my completed books (to-date) for the 2013 year.  I have decided to stick with an overall reading goal of 50 books for 2013, similar to my reading goal for 2012.  I finished 48 books last year, so I’m hoping to complete my goal this year.

I have attempted to read a few from my tentative reading list for 2013, so I feel as though I am off to a good start.  Happy reading!

1: The Secret Keeper
2: The Good Thief
3: Reached
4: Mariana
5: Sunshine
6: The Tales of Beedle the Bard

What are your reading goals this year?  Do you have any book recommendations that I should add to my list?


3 thoughts on “Completed Books – January, 2013

    • Thanks! Good luck with your 50 book reading goal as well. I still need to read the Hilary Mantel books that you recommended. And I still have Pillars of the Earth on my plan to read list, but not sure that it will happen this year. 🙂
      Happy reading!

      • Yes, you should definitely read Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies…you won’t regret it! I also still have Pillars of the Earth on my table…lol….I hope I can get around to reading it. Just looking at it intimidates me though!

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