Shrimp (or Veggie) Stir Fry

Do you want a quick and easy way to use lots of veggies in a meal?  Stir fry!  I forget how simple it can be to throw in a bunch of vegetables, create a quick sauce and you have a nice meal served over rice.  I used a mixture of onion, garlic, mushroom, red bell pepper, carrot and broccoli.  I also included some shrimp for protein, but other times, I’ve used frozen shelled edamame.

Vegetables of your choice (suggestions include carrots, onion, bell pepper, broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, spinach)
Teriyaki sauce (I used Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce)
Soy sauce
Fresh ginger, grated
Garlic, minced
Sesame oil
Canola or grapeseed oil
Brown sugar

What I love most about making a stir fry is that you don’t need to be really careful with your measurements.  For my “sauce”, I combined some teriyaki and soy sauce (about equal parts), grated a bit of fresh ginger, minced garlic, and added a tiny amount of sesame oil and a spoonful of brown sugar.  I also added some red pepper flakes.  Mix the sauce together and set aside.  Heat some canola oil in a stir fry pan or wok and then add the veggies. (I start with onion, carrot and any other veggies that might take longer to cook).  Continue cooking until all veggies are cooked, then add shrimp (if using) and the sauce.  Allow shrimp to cook and sauce to absorb into the veggies.  Serve over hot rice and enjoy!



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