Dining In

As part of my goal of dining in this month, I tried a new recipe for mushroom barley soup. While the finished product looked alright, the soup was just ok…  It was missing something – I’m not sure what, but it just didn’t have as much flavor as I had hoped.  Therefore, I will not be sharing the recipe at this time.  😀   On a positive note, it got me back into the kitchen (for something other than baking!) and it was a good effort towards some veggie-friendly and home-cooked meals.  I’m hoping that the leftover soup will take on more flavor and taste better the next day.  Generally, I always find that soups and chili taste better the next day.  Fingers crossed!

CAM00597 - Copy

I will continue to try some new recipes over the next month, in addition to cooking some tried and true recipes and meals.  I have a number of cookbooks (which I love), but it can get a little overwhelming trying to comb through all of the different recipes.  I need to figure out a better system of remembering recipes I want to try from the different cookbooks.

Do you have any recipes that sounded great but ended up being a bust? 


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