Ringing in 2013

Happy new year!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year.  As we head into 2013, I know that many of us will be busy thinking about goals, resolutions or reflection as we start a new year.  I find that I am not the best at keeping resolutions, so I am going to go with “goals” for the 2013 year. I still need some time to reflect on areas I want to focus in 2013 or things I would like to accomplish, but for a short-term goal, I do plan to eat in more for the month of January after having one too many cookies and attending one too many holiday parties and dinners in December.

I started to do some thinking about areas of focus last November (such as being present, and making more time for creative activities). I need to regroup and reflect on some of posts from November.  I tend to think of the more “responsible” types of goals as we head into the new year (manage stress, maintain a healthy lifestyle, work/life balance), but I also want to incorporate some “fun” things I want to accomplish, such as more travel, more time with friends and family, trying new foods and experimenting more in the kitchen and continuing with my reading goals.  I hope to flush out more of my goals for 2013 in the next week or so.  More to come!

What are your some of your goals or resolutions for 2013?  


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