Post-Holiday Recovery

We made it through another holiday season.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the holidays (food, friends and family, holiday music and celebrating the season).  But after dozens of cookies (don’t even ask how much butter I used while baking!) and indulging in all sorts of fabulous foods, I think I am ready for a break. And Harry and David, why must you be delivered every season tempting me with Moose Munch, truffles and cookies?  😀  After a few too many cocktails and holiday parties (and sneaking another cookie or two!), I think my body is ready for some good home-cooked meals.


I hope to put some of my cookbooks and recipes to good use in the month of January.  I would like to do some more meal planning and eating in, but I tend to have very good intentions that somehow go to the wayside (more on that later with a different post as we ring in the new year!).

Do you have any tips for kicking off the new year after enjoying the holiday season?


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