A Reader’s Dilemma

A reader’s dilemma – too many books to choose from!  I am sure I am not the only one who faces this problem and it is a good problem to have.  Too many books, too many topics I want to learn and read about, and taking the time to decide what to read and where to start among the many stacks on my shelves.  I also have to remember that I need to pace myself  – I have been guilty of trying to tackle too many books at once.  I’m starting to find that I need to focus on one or two books at a time to really immerse myself in the plot, characters and story, and this helps minimize confusion of characters and plots when reading multiple books or having to re-read parts of books to remember where I was in the storyline. I want to savor each book, the writing and the work and research that went into the book.  Of course, I also want to make a good dent in my “plan to read” list, but more to come on that topic.

I am working on a tentative reading list for 2013, so stay tuned…



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