Reading Lists and Recommendations

While I plug away on my reading goal for 2012, I am also taking a look at my bookshelves and reading lists to identify some potential books I would like to read in 2013.  I posted a few reading lists a while back (see On the Shelf part 1 and part 2) to start identifying all of the books that I have on my shelf or that I am interested in reading (at some point!)

As I take a look at back at my lists from earlier this year, I did read a few from each of my lists, although my “plan to read” list continues to grow.  I read six books from my first reading list, and three books from my second list.  Not great, considering my growing reading list, but I also get distracted by new books or recommendations from friends.

Stay tuned as I will be working to put together a rough list for 2013, but upon reflection of this year, I find that I need to provide some wiggle room for new books that come out or when I get interested in a certain topic or series that I want to read.

I would love to receive any book recommendations from fellow readers – please reply with any recommendations you might have.  Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Reading Lists and Recommendations

  1. Wow is it that time of the year already? Planning the year’s reading list is always fun…and a bit frustrating…or should I say the frustration comes when instead of reading the books you planned on reading, you end up reading a totally random book. Or maybe that’s just me 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your 2013 reading list!

    Maybe next year I’ll try not making a tentative reading list? Hmmm…I wonder if I have it in me to resist…..

    • I think my reading list will definitely be more on the tentative side… I hope to identify a list of books that I would like to tackle next year (many of which are books sitting on my shelves), but I also want to give myself some flexibility for the various random or new books that I end up interested in next year. 🙂

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