Nature versus Nurture

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about nature versus nurture, or rather, what might come more naturally as you develop or focus on things.  As I think back to my childhood, I tended to gravitate towards more creative activities – music, arts and crafts, writing and reading.  I still remember some of the books I created, complete with illustrations and staples for the binding.

Fast forward to college where I started out as an English major and switched majors after my second year.  I then found myself learning the ropes of the business world, completing my graduate degree and I currently have a job where I work with business leaders.  If I asked my younger self if I planned to work in corporate America, the answer would be “not likely”, but here I am…

I’ve been trying to keep up with some business industry reading such as the Wall Street Journal or business management journals.  In the process of continuing my focus on my career and “climbing the corporate ladder”, I noticed that I have put my creativity and pen aside and I don’t make time for a creative outlet (although I guess this blog is one way to focus some of my creative energy?).

Perhaps this is a midlife crisis – the question of “what have I done with my life” and “what I am doing with it”?  Or perhaps I need to challenge myself to have the best of both worlds – a solid career and also make time to engage my creative side through writing, music and art.  I have often viewed it as an “either/or” scenario where I can either be career driven and focused, or do something completely different with my life.  For the rest of 2012, I am going to challenge myself to try to make time for both.


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