Do You Tofu?

In my effort to try to eat less meat and more plants/veggie based meals, I’ve been trying tofu again. I have attempted eating tofu before, but have not been a fan.  It might be the way it is prepared (very little flavor, soggy or mushy texture) that did not make it appealing to my palate.  I recently tried it again and found a dish I liked at a local Chinese restaurant. It was lightly fried (why is everything better fried??) with a mixture of veggies and sauce.  The tofu was slightly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.  It was still quite mild in flavor (I guess this is what chili pepper sauce and soy sauce are for!), but I enjoyed the dish.  I hope to continue to experiment with/try tofu and expand my horizons.  If anyone has recommendations or suggestions on eating or cooking tofu, please comment!  🙂


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