The Thrill of the Hunt

To support my love of books, I purchase books through a variety of sources, with quite a few books purchased from used bookstores and book sales.  I like the feeling of giving a book a new home and I also enjoy the challenge of hunting down some titles that might be more difficult to find used.  I love it when I can find an unexpected hidden treasure at a great price, such as an autographed copy, a unique edition or cover of a book, or find something that is no longer in print.  I will say that it does require some patience… In full disclosure, I am fairly picky about my books (i.e. I don’t like creases in the spine, bent or torn pages or covers, etc), which makes hunting for used books even more interesting!  I am always amazed when I can walk away with a hard cover book in great condition for a good price… A great way to support my reading habit and I also feel like I’m getting some “recycled” books.


One thought on “The Thrill of the Hunt

  1. I’m also very careful in handling my books – I don’t open it too much so the spine won’t crease, etc., but I don’t mind if I find used books in not-so-mint condition. I still treat them carefully, but I don’t feel the pressure so much if I bought them with creases, folds, etc.

    One of the things I love about used books is finding writing from the previous owner. Sometimes it has the previous owner’s name or a note. Sometimes they highlight different parts of the book and jot down notes and analysis. I don’t know why…I just find it fascinating.

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