Reading with the Seasons?

We all know about eating with the the seasons, but what about reading with the seasons?  After reflecting on my recent reading slump, I started thinking about how my reading choices can, at times, vary with the change in seasons. For example, I tend to gravitate towards the classics (think Dickens, Austen, Tolstoy) in the fall and winter months.  Maybe it has something to do with the cooler weather where there is the added comfort of curling up with a hot mug of tea and a huge book.

Then springtime rolls around and I think I start to get a bit of spring fever. My concentration wanes a bit, and I gravitate towards some historical fiction, perhaps some travel writing, and other general fiction. As we move into the summer months, I tend to lean towards some fun, lighter reads.  I’m not sure if it because the summer is so busy with other activities or the warm weather.  I love my books year-round and have recently started taking note of when I gravitate towards different books. I’ll have to see where the spring and summer takes my reading!


4 thoughts on “Reading with the Seasons?

  1. I never thought about reading with the seasons…but it sounds like fun. What I think about more is planning what to read when I travel somewhere. But I can never decide how really to match books with destination.

    By the way, have you read or plan to read Ken Follet’s The Pillars of Earth and World Without End? It’s a historical fiction. I just got the two books the other day because I thought the story was really interesting. The only thing that’s stopping me is that both books are massive! If you’ve read it….what can you say about it?

    • Oh cool! Well I think, being historical fiction, authors have a lot of material to work with, so works of that nature are usually huge. I’d love to be able to discuss Pillars with you, after we read it.

      Wolf Hall is also really good. I just didn’t want to read Pillars right after Wolf Hall because I might confuse the storylines of the two novels in the future…though the year in Pillars is the 12th C and Wolf Hall takes place in the 14th C.

      When I travel I always end up bringing too many books lol.

      • Actually there are lots of material (fiction and nonfiction) on the Tudors, especially Henry VIII. Before reading Wolf Hall I was more or less already familiar with this part of history – from popular media as well. (The Other Boleyn and the Elizabeth movies…).

        From reading Wolf Hall, I became curious about the stuff that happened before Henry VIII – I think it was the time of The War of the Roses…? I don’t know any popular novels that tackle that era though. It’s something I might look into more in the future.

      • Thanks! You will be my go-to person if I need a historical fiction fix lol. I love historical stories wrapped in mystery and controversy.

        I also want to read Pillars this year..and maybe even the second book. Keep me posted on when you will start – I might be able to read along with you 🙂

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