Reading Slump

I have officially hit my reading slump for 2012…  It started to creep up on me at the beginning of April, although I tried to ignore it.  I was humming along, feeling pretty good about the progress I’ve made on reading this year – 15 books through the end of March.  Then I’m not sure what happened, but my momentum fizzled out.  Poof.  I don’t know what to blame it on –  the strange spring weather?  Work? Other distractions?  I wish I could say it was something productive like spring cleaning.  Now I am faced with a pile of books from the library, in addition to my own books, and really need to get cracking. Sigh.  I am taking a deep breath and determined to refocus my efforts.  I know that once I do, I’ll become immersed in my books again, unable to put them down after this (short?) hiatus. Here’s to getting back into my normal reading routine!



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