Right or Left?

While vacationing in the Grand Cayman Islands, my husband tosses me the car keys. He insists that I experience driving on what would be the “wrong” side of the road compared to the roads in the U.S.  I buckle up and start the ignition.  While it feels a bit awkward sitting it in what would be our passenger seat, I start inching the car forward.  We are heading towards a stoplight.  I grip the steering wheel a little tighter, hoping that the light stays green so I can continue to follow the car in front of me.  No such luck.  The light changes and I am now the first car at the stoplight.  While I wait for the light to change, I look at the lanes in the intersection in front of me that veer off in two directions. Right or left?  Panic sets in as I quickly realize that I have no idea which lane I need to be in.  The light changes.  I hesitantly creep out into the intersection.  Another car passes me.  Bingo!  I quickly follow the car, proceed to pull over in a parking lot, and hand the keys back to my husband. That was enough adventure for one day.


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